Kushal Arora

Life is a cycle.

5000 Per Ride

Gaurav Gupta

Expert cyclist, Has been cycling for the past 10 years. Hoping to raise awareness through this race.

5000 Per Ride

Rajan Bhatt

Lesser said the better 😉

5000 Per Ride

Rajesh Kalra

Life is a cycle. More so, for a good cause!

25000 Per Ride

Nalina Suresh

Runner / cyclist / basket ball player / golfer . Lives in Gurgaon

7500 Per Ride

Kushal Arora

Great cause & good Initiative. Life is a Cycle !

6000 Per Ride

Moris Chaturvedi

I took up to riding as a hobby and it soon converted into a passion! I could set out on rides over weekends and soon was addicted to the cycle and gave up my bike for it. I have participated in Enduro 2013-14 and completed it successfully. Also participated in cycling events in Pune/Lonavla.

2000 Per Ride

Dhruv mehta

Really passionate to contribute to the society and cycling is my hobby. would love to do it for a cause.

1000 Per Ride
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