About Us

Founded in January 2005 by Nidhi Arora – an IIM Calcutta alumnus, Esha is a non-profit initiative striving to help the blind in small ways that make a big difference.

Esha’s core activities include: 

  • Devising innovative ways and means of sustainable livelihood for the blind, to make them self-reliant and independent Activities to sensitize the non-blind towards the special skills and needs of the blind.
  • Creating Knowledge Resources that are available to the visually challenged at all times, through the CLABIL project. Empowerment of the visually challenged through the use of technology.
  • Partnering with various corporates to help them meet their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives by:
    – Making their corporate communications inclusive
    – Helping them make their work spaces inclusive – a nice-to-have that will be a necessity before we realize it.
    – Generating employment for the blind.


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